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Originally Posted by mullet
Try the mem at 4-4-4-12 see if it gets stable.
Its not the memory - I tested this RAM out right when I got it and it passed memtest @ 1066 4-4-4-9. I tried CL3 @ 800, 3-3-3-5 but it took 2.5 vdimm to maintain - the sticks were pretty hot (and that was with my old Zalman blowing air right through them! which has since been removed and replaced with watercooling)

Originally Posted by Xion X2
LOL. Two WC'ng loops sounds too much for you but phase doesn't?

Enjoy pasting all that silicon on your motherboard and praying you don't get condensation. Heh.
Haha let me reword: Two loops is a little too much work than I prefer. I have not even finished my rig I am working on right now; I cant imagine adding even more stuff to my case. Heh you saw how crowded it is in there, right? Maybe a mini res would work... and a rad hung on the exhaust fan... We'll see. I am just nevrous about cooling the chipsets after my 680i died - I am pretty sure it was because I killed the NB (the MCW30 was totally scratched). I think HR-05s would work fine on the chipsets.

How would you go about the rads, though? 120 on the CPU and 360 on the GPU is what I would recommend. I noticed my CPU only heated marginally with the G80 cards; I think that is due to the Thermochill. I can run my fans @ 5v verses 12v and the temps stay the same.
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