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The kernel-2.4.21-rc2 with explicit NForce support is out, but before any "hurrah"'s, everyone should read this >
That link is much older than the news you associated with it. I also don't see nForce AGP working in my stock -rc2. I'll try -rc2-ac1 and the AGP patch from the other thread, later.

About the network drivers, the onboard chip is a Realtek 8201B(L), does anyone knows where i can find a driver for this? Or some sort of "compatible/generic" driver for this?
Which board? The Realtek chip is often used as a PHY for the Nvidia ethernet. If this is how things are set up on your board, you will either use the Nvidia binary driver, you will put in a supported PCI NIC, or you will go without networking. These are the only valid options.

About the IDE performance, anyone has been able to use UDMA133 in 2.4.21-rc1-ac4? If so, can you please post your kernel config plus any custom made patch or particular procedure (other than hdparm) ?
I wouldn't know, I won't put Maxtor in my system if you paid me. I'm using UDMA5 (Ultra 100) on my Western Digitals, no tricks/hacks/adjustments needed. Just compiled 2.4.21-rc2, booted up, and UDMA100.
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