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Default Re: kernel header file does not exist

I hope that posting is this tread isn't bad thing seeing as how I have the exact same problem except I have the kernel-source rpm installed and i made sure that kernel.h is in the /usr/src/linux- path. I have run
'sh --kernel-source-path /usr/src/linus-'
'sh --kernel-source-path /usr/src/linus-'

And I keep getting the same error telling me that it cannot find teh header files. I am using the older version beacuse that seems to be the last versio0n taht support th nVidia Gforce 4 440 go. I have tried the newer one (9746) and x will never load video. ( I tried to do this through YAST) I have also ran the installer for the 9631 build and the same thing happens it will compile and install but x will never show video. But I as soon as I try to complie the 7182 build I get this error message. I have tried doing them one after the other in backwards order and that did not work so i did a fresh install of suse 10.2 and tried again and it still is giving me the same error.
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