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Default Help - Meed to enable Dualview in suse 10.2

Hi there,

I have a geforce 7300GS. I have enabled TV out but I have two problems. First, under windows I can enable an option called dual view. I use this to play movies on my TV while still being able to do things on my desktop. It causes two seperate desktops essentially. How can I do this under Linux ? I am not looking for the one big display option as that isnt the same as dualview.

Second, when I have clone view enabled The resolution to my TV is incorrect. I only get a small corner of the desktop displayed and its really BIG. It doesnt adjust to its own aspect resolution, like it does on windows. Having to boot back to windows every time I want to watch a video file is really impeding my full migration to linux. Can someone please help ?

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