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Default testgart failing

I'm having problems with the fglrx driver (2.9.8), after the module being loaded, it just does exit(1).

However I think the problem lies somewhat deeper, the agpgart driver seems to load fine. Testgart doesn't show output as it should, imho:

version: 0.99
bridge id: 0x1e010de
agp_mode: 0x1f004219
aper_base: 0xe0000000
aper_size: 64
pg_total: 112384
pg_system: 112384
pg_used: 0
entry.key : 0
entry.key : 1
Allocated 8 megs of GART memory
MemoryBenchmark: 0 mb/s
MemoryBenchmark: 0 mb/s
MemoryBenchmark: 0 mb/s
Average speed: 0 mb/s
Testing data integrity (1st pass): failed on first pass!
Testing data integrity (2nd pass): failed on second pass!

So perhaps something is wrong with the GART.

My gfx is a radeon 9500 pro and the mobo an epox 8rda+.
Next to that I run debian, but that should not have much to do with it.
It's kernel 2.4.21-pre2 I'm using, with the latest patch from nonolk.
I also tried it with 2.4.21-pre5, but had no luck either.
Trying to set agp 8x to off in the bios didn't make much of a difference.

Any suggestions?
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