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Default Re: cannot see 7300 LE DVI output in Debian, ok in Fedora

My hardware:
CPU: AMD 3000+
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 (Bios: F7, latest)
Card: XFX Nvidia 6300LE.
Output: DVI
Display: BenQ FP202W
Driver version: 9746

Operatiing Systems:
Linux Fedora Core 6 (Kernel 2.6.18)
Sidux 1.0 Chaos (Debian Unstable, kernel 2.6.20).

When X does not start, I see a black screen with an underscore on the top left. The keyboard is alive, but I cannot switch to any console.

I can reproduce the bug this way. I boot in Fedora, X starts, then I boot in Sidux, X starts. I poweroff my machine, take electricity out and press the ON button (cleans the internal state of things like the network card, the graphic card, etc.). I boot Sidux, and X does not start and I see the underscore character. I boot Fedora and then reboot in Sidux and X starts again.

Mandriva One has same behavior as Sidux .
Boot -> Mandriva One = X does no start
Boot -> Fedora -> reboot -> Mandriva One = X starts

I attach the debug file (before X is started since after it starts and crashes I cannot do anything)
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