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Stable @ 3.8! I will post screenies when I get home, as I am at school till 12 then I have work till 10

Originally Posted by slaWter
Nice clock man! What was your vcore for that test, really 1.7V?
Yeah... That is a little too high for my liking.

I have it running 3.8 with 1.6, which is more reasonable. Now I have to test what the minimum vcore for 3.8 is. I want to get it to at least 3.9.... but if that is not feasable I will keep it at 3.8.

I have tried some of the higher busses, (500x8, 550x7)but this board is just not happy with lower multis and higher bus like Intel-based boards are. Trade off for SLI I guess..
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