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Default My impressions of Vanguard

Ok after getting double XP this whole weekend I think I am well informed to comment on the game thus far.

First thing that I noticed was the horrible physics. The whole game felt slow and awkward. The movements were very robotic. A buddy and me who played Guild Wars hated the fact that you could not jump. Well with how bad it looked when jumping in Vanguard, we decided that not jumping would be prefered.

The second thing I noticed was the very poor optimization of the game. Coming from UT2 engine it should run better but it doesn't. All I can say is don't go near any city or yetis. For some reason yetis lagged my puter big time.

The thing was the horrible questing. I don't think they could make the quests any more vague or meaningless than they did in Vanguard. There was no rhym or reason to the quests. Now this is a minor thing to me but it does leave you feeling like you don't care about the chains or the information in the at the least it leaves you a bit confused.

All in all if they changed the physics of the game and optimized the graphics this would be a great game. It still would not be on the same caliber as WoW but it would pull me away from WoW. Instead it is a game I am having fun with but I don't feel satisfied with. I'll play it for this month and see if it still holds any play value after that. Until then my lvl 14 Pally named Palatard Hearthbuble will be trodging through Tanvu awkwardly NOT jumping.
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