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Default Re: My impressions of Vanguard

Alright, I let most of that go because everyone has a right to their opinion, even though I disagree with yours and think that Vanguard's a great game. But this right here:

and optimized the graphics
--I am completely scratching my head over. Did you mean to say "optimize the performance" instead? Because Vanguard, at high settings, is the best damn looking game that I've ever seen in many places.

Didn't you say before that you were running a 6800U for graphics?

I'm also wondering how someone could let something so little as the way a character jumps ruin their impression of a game? How much time do you spend jumping on Vanguard? It's not a game of hopskotch; it's an MMO. The only time I ever jump is when I'm on a horse and there's a rock or two in the way.

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