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Originally Posted by Xion X2
The jump in temps is normal. TAT raises temps on your processor like no other stress-tester out there.

Again.. if you want better temps on your Conroe then you need to purchase yourself a really good heat-sink fan. This is no gimmick; the stock fans on the Intels suck and will keep your temps much higher. If you want the absolute best in HSFs, you'll go get yourself a Tuniq Tower off or If you just want "good", you'll go get yourself a Scythe Ninja, Arctic Freezer, etc. And also use AS5 when you put them on. Clean off your CPU's heat-spreader with Isopropyl Alcohol first, though, and use the AS5 very sparingly. Just a very thin line down the middle over the cores would be sufficient.

Yeah its money right now. Its tight but thanks dude that worried me. It scared the crap out of me when my temps rose to 70c. Will my pc burn out or shut off before it allows it to cause damage?

I plan on getting a HSF in the future, I actually just went back to 2.4GHz because of that with little to no change.

One question while I am on the subject. Would be possible to push 3.20GHz out of my CPU without a voltage rise, and if I had to increase the voltage exactly how much should I do it in "Increments" wise.
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