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Default Re: My impressions of Vanguard

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Alright, I let most of that go because everyone has a right to their opinion, even though I disagree with yours and think that Vanguard's a great game. But this right here.
I am not the only one who thought what I listed above. Every review said baically the same thing. After playing the game all weekend long and Tygerwoody can attest as I am in his guild, I put the whole weekend into this game. It is a slightly above average MMO. Yet I still like the game. It just isn't great. If you like that that is cool, have fun with it. I on the other hand can see me playing to 50 but then most likely fading away into better games like Warhammed and Age of Conan.

--I am completely scratching my head over. Did you mean to say "optimize the performance" instead? Because Vanguard, at high settings, is the best damn looking game that I've ever seen in many places.

Didn't you say before that you were running a 6800U for graphics?
Yes the graphics performance is not optomized. There isn't any way around this. It uses the UT2 engine IIRC. That is not a new engine. Sure it has been updated but the game runs pretty badly. My buddy has a computer that is only 5 months old and he noticed the inconsistant performance. Go into a city and unless you have a top of the line computer, the city will lag do to horrible performance in the graphics engine.

BTW I really hate the argument "it's your old computer n00b". That doesn't play with me. Don't pass off poor graphical performance onto me to justify why the game runs so bad. Yes it is much better than BETA but it still needs work. It has only been out one month and that is no where near enough time to fix the problems it had at the end of BETA. Sorry, I've been playing games too long and building computers to long to buy your line of reasoning here.

I'm also wondering how someone could let something so little as the way a character jumps ruin their impression of a game? How much time do you spend jumping on Vanguard? It's not a game of hopskotch; it's an MMO. The only time I ever jump is when I'm on a horse and there's a rock or two in the way.
LOL! You missed my point and are trying to trivialize my dislikes of the game.
My point is the physics of this game are horrible compared to a game like WoW. In WoW the movemnt feel is free and not sluggish. Vanguard is like you are running through water all the time. The movement is herky-jerky at best. It is the worst part of this game. I used the jumping as an example. When you jump it feels unatural and that is how all the movements feel.
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