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Default Re: My impressions of Vanguard

Originally Posted by UDawg
I am not the only one who thought what I listed above. Every review said baically the same thing.
Ahhh, screw reviews. Some of them would have you believing that Jet-Set-Radio was the greatest game ever made, like Gamespot did a while back. They're unreliable.

After playing the game all weekend long and Tygerwoody can attest as I am in his guild, I put the whole weekend into this game.
Don't get defensive; I'm not trying to change your opinion. If you don't think it's that good, that's fine. I just voiced my own by disagreeing with you.

Go into a city and unless you have a top of the line computer, the city will lag do to horrible performance in the graphics engine.
I have, and I agree with you. I was just unclear on your comment about "graphics optimization," because that sounds more like you were making the statement that the game didn't look that good, which is entirely different from game performance.

BTW I really hate the argument "it's your old computer n00b". That doesn't play with me. Don't pass off poor graphical performance onto me to justify why the game runs so bad.
I didn't do that. Check yourself, UDawg. You were just unclear about what you were meaning with your vague term "graphics optimization" which could mean either the way a game looks or the way it plays with said graphics enabled.

My comment about your graphics hardware was in regards to the possibility that you were saying the game looked bad.

LOL! You missed my point and are trying to trivialize my dislikes of the game. My point is the physics of this game are horrible compared to a game like WoW. In WoW the movemnt feel is free and not sluggish. Vanguard is like you are running through water all the time. The movement is herky-jerky at best. It is the worst part of this game. I used the jumping as an example. When you jump it feels unatural and that is how all the movements feel.
Well WoW's physics may be better, but it is downright ass-ugly compared to Vanguard. This much I know. That game looks horrible.

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