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Default Re: My impressions of Vanguard

I do happen to agree with you about the physics. They could certainly be better.

But.. I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that it's the first MMO I've played for a significant amount of time, or maybe it's something else. But I like the game an awful lot. It's pretty deep.. the crafting, the diplomacy, etc... the world is just so big, and I've already been on several cool quests. Did you ever get to the one w/ the shipwreck on the beach in Lomshir? It had wrecked, and the entire crew were a bunch of walking zombies. There was a ghost of the captain up top who gave you a mission to go inside the ship and below-ground to rid it of a demon infestation that had taken over. You had to travel underground and close all these huge portals that they kept popping out of.

Absolutely awesome.

I've also been in some neat underground cave quests, and the grouping aspect seems to work really well. Some of the most fun I've had on the game was in intense battles with 2 or 3 others by my side.

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