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Default Re: Test Drive Unlimited

This game rocks. I dont know what they did but Im having a blast with it and enjoy it a lot more than the 360 version.

The good:

- Physics of the cars are better. They drive more realistic and feel heavier than the 360 cars. The feedback from the tires is better as well.
- Proper AF
- Better looking HDR (with AA )
- Slightly better looking textures
- Much better looking traffic AI cars (polygons and detail)
- Engine sounds seem to be improved
- Excellent framerate (60+fps at maxed out settings 1280x1024/16AF/4AA)

The bad:
- There are sometimes very short pauses (less than half second) when you drive fast into a new area. Not enough pre-caching? Engine limitation?
- LODing of the racing cars could be better, especially the step from low to medium LOD is quite visible.
- I can see some flickering in distant trees but its pretty rare.
- Im not sure if the game supports 5.1 surround sound. Either Im deaf or its quite hard to hear.
- CTD every 3 hours

Verdict: Overall an excellent port of a racing game that is enjoyable for casual/arcade racers but also sim racers. While there are some minor issues, I think the good sides outweight them by far, especially considering its a port. 8.6/10

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