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Originally Posted by Cherock
If I upgrade from 10.1 to 10.2 from Novell, will I have to new install. or can I upgrade to 10.2 without losing my configuration settings?
in theory, you should be able to upgrade without any problems. In practice this is not always true. Best you can do, backup /etc.

Originally Posted by Cherock
For $60.00 bucks it may be the best route to take;however, I am concerned with the 10.2 driver, will it drive the eGeForce 7600 GT-KO card?
there is no '10.2' driver. There are the nvidia driver packages - and the 9XXX series should drive your card just fine. Just download it and run it as root. As I said before, please read the link netllama provided. Everything is explained there. Step by step.

Originally Posted by Cherock
Having to modify settings in terminal mode gives me the willies. I am not confortable in terminal mode, I am not an OLD DOS man, and that is what Terminal Mode reminds me of. Thanks for any help on this matter, Clois
replacing 'nv' with 'nvidia' and adding 'glx' to your xorg.conf is not hard to do nor should it give you 'the willies'. Seriously, editing the windows registry is much harder and much more dangerous. Also, don't confuse the terminals with dos. The linux/unix terminals are much more powerfull and flexible. If you use Linux for a while, you will see their 'beauty' - or at least find a lot of cases, where using the terminal is the fastest/easiest/savest or simply only way to achieve your goal. You should get at least used with them (start with terminal emulators in X, like konsole or xterm), so you are able to help yourself, if X does not start anymore (or your system is almost completly ****ed up. Some experience and some basic shell skills - no scripting required, and you can repair almost every kind of damage).
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