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Thanks. I've looked around here as well, but was hoping that maybe someone had better luck with this exact configuration. I think I will probably take your advice and stay away on this one.

It's quite a shame too... nvidia has done a great job on their video card drivers (open source issues aside.)

Originally posted by badun
A quick scan of the boards will show you that you'll be working OT to get your networking, sound, and video working. I'm still stuck on getting the networking going, although sound worked with the initial install.

I have the same board and it is great - it's the NV network and sounds drivers that blow. I haven't gotten to the point where I can actually use the video drivers because of the networking problems (RH9, Mandrake 9, 9.1).

In short, buy the board if you're also going to use it for XP. If you're only going to use it for Linux, go find another site and get non-NVIDIA shopping advice there.
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