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Default Re: Configure 3 displays on SLES 9 using nvidia Quadro NVS 440

We tried the following things:

1. updated the bios on the xw6400 to the latest one (v2.015)
2. booted kernel with the following paraemeters (one after the other)

noapic & acpi=off

but did not have any success.

We also tried another scenario since we had a similar system with a similar card in our lab.


1. we took out an Quadro4 200/400 NVS card out of an hp workstation xw6200 and put it on the HP xw6400 Workstation. We installed the Quadro NVS 440 card on the xw6200 workstation.

2. on the xw6400 system we tried to re-install the 1.0.9746 nvidia driver, but it complained that the Quadro 200/400 is a legacy card and is not supported by this driver, so we had to downgrade to 1.0.9631

3. we booted the xw6400 and after changing the XF86Config configuration file we were able to get our 3-display set up !!!

We performed the same steps on the xw6200 system except that we did not change the nvidia driver which is still version 1.0.7676. We just re-installed it and after changing the XF86Config configuration file we were able to get our 3-display set up on this system as well !!!

This is a comparison table between the two systems and the two card models (see attached file).

The only thing changed on the xw6400 workstation when swapping the cards (except downgrading the nvidia driver) was the PCI slot, as the
Quadro4 200/400 NVS card is a PCI card and not a PCI-e as the Quadro NVS 440 card. So, I guess there should be an I/O resource issue/conflict.

When swaping the cards back to their original systems we also used a different PCI-e slot on the xw6400 system (than the one we had before) just
to verify that there was no problem with that particular slot and we also kept the previous version of the nvidia driver (1.0.9631), but again our 3-display setup did not work.

Any other ideas/suggestions are welcomed.
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