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Default Re: Frequesnt screen flickers and occasional os crash

Originally Posted by riteshsarraf
Just to add more to it.

The flicker issue is not reproducible when using TwinView.
But...does this happen only when you have the second monitor on?
Or only adding the Twinview's options in xorg.conf?

And...just to add more info about this bug:
- It happens from time to time.
- It's also present with xorg 7.2(I reproduced it).
- It seems not having any relationship with the ipw card(My ipw doesn't share the IRQ with the nvidia).
- It's present with the newer kernels(I reroduced it with 2.6.20-rc4, with 2.6.21-rc1, with 2.6.20-beyond).
- It seems not having any relationship with CPU frequency scaling.
- It's related to Composite Managers(Beryl or Compiz): switching them off, it's not reproducible.
- It's making me become mad!

Can someone confirm it's not reproducible with Xgl instead of NvidiaGLX(AiGLX)?

A small tip I can do to stop the black flash(only temporally) is to change the screen frequency from "Auto" to "60Hz"(my video frequency) as shown in this image:
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