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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

Only bad side, when you get a number of new players in an area are:

- When I went to lvl my first Draenie, it took litterally an hour to complete a quest as we all had to compete over respawns. Someone came up with 1,500 people all on Azuremyst isle. On another server which holds my horde chars, the Blood Elf starting zone was just as bad. Nothing could spawn fast enough to let anyone, do anything...

- My Draenie warrior is a miner, and now with everyone hitting the mithril deposits, ugh. Up to 257 mining now, but with 236 BS, I still need the stuff. And some cut throat price sharks are trying to charge > fel iron prices for the stuff now.

Way outa whack for anything that was ever charged in the past, and up to 5x (or worse) the money that could be recovered in selling the items made from it. No one providing trade items, would bother, when the cost of materials out-strips the money that can be made by 500% or worse I'll just get to fel iron and say good ridance to anything low lvl until the market rebalances. Someone wants? Get your own mats, or tough... Just like the enchanters started doing ages ago.

- Ninjas, ninjas, and more ninjas

All said however, there are people beginning/leveling alts. There are people in the factions trying other classes (alliance shamys and horde palys), and quite a bit goign on. Oh, and when leveling the mains, hmm....

This friend and I 2 manned all the silithid hive quests in Silithus (only getting owned on Natalia) the Monday before Burning Crusade came out, with our 2 hunters. Should he get back (was on a couple days ago, don't know now); would be interesting should we both hit lvl 70 and get equiped. I wouldn't mind trying to 2-man BRD (which many say is quite doable now); but even head into ZG.

Perhaps not Hakar, but might be interesting to what a couple lvl 70s in all new gear could do there. Hell, some people didn't think 2 hunters could do the silithid hive quests by themselves; and were a lil surprised we pulled it off, and without dieing a lot, in old Azeroth gear (of course) at lvl 60...
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