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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

Originally Posted by ThornRage
Started playing WoW in Apr of 06. Once I reached 60 I suddenly got bored and left the game for a month. That was my fault ... I didnt seek out a guild. Then a friend of mine told me about a guild and I came back and was accepted. It was a new guild that was farming ZG and working it's way to MC and Ony. So I was able to get in before they got too heavily geared. It was then that I discovered that the lvl'ng to 60 was not the game, that was just the preparation ... once you hit 60 you were suddenly in the real game.

Now with Outland, most of my guildies are still lvl'ng. I am at 70 working on my keys. Going from 60-70 was fun but now that I am at 70, I know the real fun begins once more guildies catch up. We have over a dozen there now and we are using GEM to plan instances and events.

I have played several MMOs such as Star Wars Galaxies, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Auto Assault, etc ... WoW is the game that has been the most fun.

As for Vanguard, I got into the beta several months back ... I left after 3 weeks of constant playing ... I was not impressed.
Take a break from WoW until your buddies get up to 70. That is what I am doing. Then the game will be fun again. Taking those breaks is such a good thing.
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