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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

Well about 2 weeks after BC came out, my buddies were all "C'mon man, come play again." (I had been on break from WoW for a few months and was unsure if I would want to play BC). Well I bought it and in 10 days I had my 60 Orc rogue up to level 70. But for the first 2 weeks after that point...nothing. Couldn't do many instances, etc. My guild had not gotten enough people to 70 to start running instances nonstop, didn't have keys for Karazhan yet etc.

So those 2 weeks I farmed gold for my epic flying mount. So now I'm instancing pretty much nonstop (we ran Shattered Halls 4 times in one day, w00t for Thrallmar rep). And just last night we burned our first boss in Karazhan and are set up and ready to rock n roll on our next scheduled run.

Things are really going to start clicking too once we have the 10-15 stragglers get to 70 (we now have about 20-25 members keyed for Karazhan).

And on the note of old instances, we went back and did a Scholo run to help some guys out...yeah...I tanked everything in there on my rogue, rarely required any heals, and rarely used any of my heavy specials (evasion, adren rush, etc.) So BRD would be super easy (why you would run, I mean I guess if it's fun, all the power to you).
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