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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
I knew you would come to the dark side

Yea, last night I was having one of those Udawg moments "I hate these death penalties!!!!". I died a good 20 times just last night . I got over it though. I think I'm going to buy a camel tonight
Seriously, the death penalties are stupid. Sure, break your equipment but why take a xp hit? that is friking insane. Oh another thing that bothers me is PUBLIC DUNGEONS! The argument here is that it is more "real". MORE REAL!? WTF!? How real is it to stand in a cave with magical halflings waiting for a boss to respawn. REfrikingSPAWN! How many things in life do you know that "respawn"? I know of NONE and I certainly have NEVER ran through a field chasing goblins for reputation or a broken tooth. More real my ass. Just admit it. They don't want istances becaus they don't want to pay or more servers and a more robust network. It's a game, just have fun with it.

LOL! Ok I feel better. I do really like the game. I just love to complain about the stupid stuff in jumping. BAHAHAH come on, you know that is bad. Every time I jump I am waiting for my Pally to cry out "ZOMG I SLIPPED A DISK!" LOL It looks so painfull.

You are going to buy a camel? So if horse shoes make the horses run faster then do camel toes make the camel run faster or do they just invite 14 year old perverts to stare?
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