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Default Re: Test Drive Unlimited

Originally Posted by OWA
Edit: Actually, I'm getting the same short-pauses that agentkay mentioned when entering a new area.
Iīm using the 97.02 drivers but I think the short-pauses are pre-caching related or the lack of it because the Testdriveunlimited.exe process is using only around 500MB of my system memory.

I also enabled TAA-SS and the performance hit is very small and quite worth it because the regular AA didnīt remove all jaggies on the cars (fenders/wheels), best visible in the showrooms.

BTW, I almost lost my profile because I didnīt want to pay a speeding fine (I alt-tabbed out, and killed the process) and the game started to crash but after the 10th CTD it somehow fixed the savegame but a few things got corrupted:

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