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Default Re: Linux driver produces black screens frequently

Originally Posted by netllama
If you're reporting that windows appear black after a period of time, that's a known bug and can be worked around by disabling the Composite extension.
This presents a problem for a fullscreen OpenGL window manager like beryl, or OpenGL games... since it's a "known bug," can we expect a fix soon?
When I run my Gateway FPD2485W through VGA, I see some retrace artifacts when there's anything moving on the screen. That annoying effect isn't there when using DVI. So it's kind of a lose-lose: in VGA, I get that; in DVI, I get this frequent screen blacking out problem. And I really don't want to lose the ability to use the new & amazing window managers because I bought a bigger monitor with proper DVI support (mind you, $700 isn't cheap)

[edit] So I just tried your solution of disabling Composite. I still get black screens. This is a different bug than the one that just affects windows, I think...
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