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Thumbs up Just popped in to say hello and thanks to NVidia


Not much to ask for really but just stopped by to say hello to the forum and thanks to NVidia as their support for Linux influenced me enough to buy a 8800GTS rather than another ATI card, which I have done since owing a 9700pro ages ago.

Without NVidia's Linux support I would have continued to buy a ATI card.

I am VERY new to Linux and sometimes I think that my eyes are glazing over as there is so much to learn. But having tried ATI's drivers, which are very poor, I must admit to being very suprised to find how good Nvidia's are.

Great forum and great drivers

It is great to see Beryl working as it should within PC Linux 2007 test 3 distro. and my resolution and refresh rate working ok.

Bye for now...
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