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Default 1.0-7184 source compile deprecated kernel include config.h

I've downloaded the legacy 1.0-7184 Linux driver and the file:
#include <linux/config.h>
which appears to have been removed from the latest kernel source tree. I have an old 2.6.15 kernel tree and the file include/linux/config.h is just a shell include file which has been deprecated and just sub includes linux/autoconf.h. I've just downloaded the 9755 source for comparison and nv-linux.h has been updated to include autoconf.h. I'm not quite sure at what point config.h became deprecated so I guess maybe it has been left this way because the 7184 is a legacy driver anyway.

In relation to this thread, just either modify the source file or to be able to run the shell .run straight off just copy config.h from an older kernel. Or maybe symlink config.h to autoconf.h.

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