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Default Re: Test Drive Unlimited

Originally Posted by ynnek
I dunno.. maybe I'm missing something here.

But all I imagine is driving on a small island, with traffic, with a bunch of insane reckless teenage drivers, in indestructible cars.

what was the appeal again?
My ideal game would be:

1. Freedom to drive anywhere within a large region. Mix of highway, city, and rural driving.

2. Traffic, stop lights, signs, police.

3. Real physics for car handling and collisions.

4. Real car makes that handle like their real life counterparts.

5. Cutting edge graphics.

I think this may be the closest I've seen to my dream game. I know the collisions and driving physics aren't that great but how bad is it?

How close does this game come to all of these?

I can't find a single game in existence that has all of these.

Does anyore remember VETTE?

I always hopped that one day someone would make VETTE except with using all the modern graphics and physics engines we have today.

Currently I play live for speed. I only wish I had a LFS that had better graphics and gave me freedom to drive in a city with traffic.

Oh, and does this game properly support MOMO and other wheels? I hate it when the brake is also reverse and you can't change it.
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