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Default Re: My impressions of Vanguard

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Come on, Tyger. Quit BS'ng. There's nowhere in this game that runs at "2-3fps." The lowest my game ever gets now with bloom turned off is ~35-45fps in the crafting halls at Hathor Zhi. If you want me to post some screens of that, then I'll be perfectly happy to.

I agree that the game's not optimized as well as it should be, but don't go off the deep end.

I'm not sure where your animosity for my last comment comes from anyway. I was just trying to share a performance boost that I've figured out while playing the game while sharing a few nice shots I took last time out playing it, so you can stop trying to turn this around into an argument about me believing the game runs flawlessly.

And you guys need to listen to Blacklash and I. Turning bloom off does make a difference. A very SIGNIFICANT difference. Turn that off and go back to your cities that are dragging down to 15fps and you'll see what I mean. The bloom effect that is used around the torches and the glare effect off floors does not jive well with the HDR effect in this engine at all. It needs to be disabled until they can work out the bugs with it.
I'll try your advice about the bloom. I'm not sure if its on or not to be honest. I'll report my results.

Either way, even if bloom gives me 10fps back i still think the game has a ways to go with optimization. However, the game runs WAAAAYYY better than in beta so I won't complain much.
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