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Default Re: Test Drive Unlimited

Originally Posted by ynnek
Yea, that does sound ideal... but when you get into the meat of the gameplay.

If you had realistic damage, how do you deal with crazy people running into you? Remember, you aren't the only person speeding around like a lunatic.

What happens if you do crash? what are the repercussions? Remember, if you set the repercussions too low, you get maniacs that drive around without a care.. if you set them too high, then it might be too strict, that nobody will have fun.

Same goes with traffic and police.. Do you really want to sit and deal with virtual traffic? It sounds cool, but actual gameplay.. If its just like real life, traffic is very frustrating, especially if you have realistic damage.

Same goes with cops.. What happens if the cops catch you? do you get your liscence suspended and your car impounded? Does that mean you can't play the game anymore? If the repercussions are too low, then what stops people from driving around like lunatics, ruining your day?

Test Drive Unlimited sounds like it would fun to try out.. but I can't imagine myself playing it for very long.. Unless you are really into online arcade races and the virtual social aspect of it. It may be cool try drive thru virtual Hawaii.. Maybe even be somewhat humorous to see all the other lunatics driving around.. as long as damage is turned off.. maybe even collisions..

I mean imagine this.. Your driving calmly down a scenic route, enjoying the view.. then suddenly you get punted from behind from some lunatic for no apparent reason.

or ever better. your racing along this road, only to have some other person just messing around in the middle of the road..

Cities filled iwth traffic jams because of other players driving over sidewalks and through grass.

Thats what I imagine TDU would turn into..

Maybe some of you guys that actually play this game can prove me wrong.
I agree with you. I felt similar when I was in the open beta.
I played for 4 days and I felt there's nothing fresh anymore, especially you got tons of cash + lots of cars.
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