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Default Re: Test Drive Unlimited

Originally Posted by ynnek
Yea, that does sound ideal... but when you get into the meat of the gameplay.

If you had realistic damage, how do you deal with crazy people running into you? Remember, you aren't the only person speeding around like a lunatic.
I was really only thinking about single player. I think everyone who drives would like to play a game where they get a chance to drive wrecklessly...blowing past red lights...driving on the wrong side of the road...evading police...weaving in and out of highway traffic. But it's no fun if you can't crash.

If you crash you go back to the garage.

Now the online system should just reward non-crashers with better cars. So, if you want to be a jerk and ram into people all day then fine but you'll never get to drive the shiny new lamborghini.

I really love the idea of this game...I just hope the wheel controllers are well supported (unlike most ports). This could really be a cool game.
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