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Default total oc noob in need of help :(

iam trying to get a nasty stuttering problem with my computer. so iam going through and trying to optimize everything befor i give up and chop it into two halves

the problem is i dont know how

currently iam trying to get my cpu and ram in a 1:1 ratio. right now according to cpu-z it it cpu/10. witch i assume means the cpu is taking priority over my ram.

i have a athlon 64 4800 x2 currently running at default speed 2.4 ghz
my ram is ddr 4000 500mhz it too is running at default timings and frequency. although cpu-z reports it has been dropped to 240mhz per stick instead of 250mhz because of my cpu (?)

how can i get a 1:1
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