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Thanks all.

I am happy to say that I have solved the problem of Dell Inspiron 8200 and RH 7.3.

The text based Linux was working fine and I was not able to configure the Xwindows for the system.

The Xwindows were never getting configured, though I was selecting the correct values for all the asked questions, Monitor to be 1400*1050, GE Force 2 Go Generic as Video Card and 32 MB as Video Ram. It was not able to probe the card properly. There was no communication in between the Video Card and the XServer. Hence sometimes, it gives me a black LCD in which case I had to reboot the system otherwise Ctrl+Alt+BkSpace was helping me to go to the Text Mode.

1)I downloaded the latest rpms from the Nvidia site and installed them on my system.

2) After that I went to the XF86Config-4 and not the XF84Config, the newer versions of XFree86 is looking into XF86Config-4.

3) Removed Load "Dri"
4) Added Load "glx"

5) Modified the "nv" in the Driver section to "nvidia".

Ran the startx and wow!!! the Windows showed up.

That was really a great exercise.

Thanks all once again.
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