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Default Re: Universal's 2007 HD DVD line-up leaked?

Originally Posted by Am_I_Evil
and smallville is on broadcast TV....

and that's what we're talking about...

so what's your point?

i know how cable TV works...i work for MTV....television isn't rocket science yet so many people can't seem to grasp the simple concept of TV scheduling...
Did I say Smallville was on cable?


You asked why people are so confused by it. Maybe it's because broadcast shows are typically 24 episodes/season while cable is around 13 episodes.

Broadcast shows typically start in the early fall and go until May while cable shows start whenever the hell they want to.

Then you have shows like LOST that have an 8 episode "Fall season" and 13 weeks off, with another show premiering in its timeslot for that long gap in the middle of November. It comes back in mid-February with the "Spring season."

And cable shows like The Shield are in season had 10 or 13 episodes in its last run and has been off for close to a year with the second part of season 5 starting April 3.

And then there are shows like the Sopranos...

What it comes down to is that TV DOESN'T have many standards anymore. Cut him some slack.

And working at/for MTV gives you a hell of a lot less credit than you might think, brah.
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