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Default Re: Asus Striker Extreme or EVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR

Originally Posted by Psycotix
1) The asus bottles at memory speeds above 800mhz
Wrong. For the week I had the Dominators, they ran at 1066MHz, no problems. The problem I had was a getting a stable FSB (not memory) overclock with all four slots filled. This will probably be fixed in the next BIOS.

Tiki also had some badass memory speeds with his previous build.

Originally Posted by Psycotix
2) The EVGA supports upto 1200mhz
And so does the Asus - its the same frakkin chipset.

Originally Posted by Psycotix
3) Corsair dominator 4x1gig d5 modules at 1066mhz is awesome in the EVGA
Its awesome in anything.

Originally Posted by Psycotix
4) The asus board wont even run that type of mem
Yes, it will. The Asus board only has problems with OCing with that memory if ALL FOUR SLOTS ARE FILLED. And the rumor on the Corsair forum is that the next BIOS will fix this.

Originally Posted by Psycotix
5) EVGA is better for overclocking and a hell of a lot more stable
That was only true with BIOSes before 0901 and 1002. Now I'd call them at least even, if not in favor of the Striker.
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