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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by UDawg
What do you mean "our" and "skills"? Just ur class or all classes. Clearify ur self mon and did they mess with pallies again?
Nightly Restart – Adventuring Class Ability Changes March / 08 / 2007

Game Update #1 is now live!

This update is larger than most patches and is a great opportunity to read the patch notes as we’ve added quite a few things!

Please Read: With Game Update #1 Customer Support now has an upgraded petition system to better assist players. As a result of the changes made to the petition system all open petitions have been closed. If you still have an issue that you need assistance with please re-petition the issue when you log into the game.

For more information about Game Update #1 please visit the Game Updates Page and read the patch notes below!

The following ability changes have gone live with today’s daily restarts:


- All Classes
- Some attacks remain direct attacks. These are intended to be lower in damage, but have alternate uses and should be less expensive overall. These debuff, buff and are not intended to be used to be a main source of damage.
- Players can now learn new abilities by observing their enemies.
- Cleric
- Your finishing moves now all cost 10 endurance
- Maul of the Gods and Maul of Divinity now use a percentage of weapon damage instead of being direct attacks.
- Dread Knight |
- Increased the damage of Dark Bastion, Incite, Inflame, Shield of Fear, and Scourge.
- Scythe of Doom now drains for 100% of the damage it deals
- Increased the damage of Falling Petal, White Lotus Strike, Soul Cutter and Lao’Jin Burst
- Monk
- Counter attacks are now cost free
- Many finishing attacks were more costly than intended. Endurance costs have been lowered.
- Many attacks have been converted over to use weapon damage directly, either flat or percent based. This will increase over all damage and give better returns when upgrading weapons and increasing strength. Affected attacks are:
- Ashen Hand
- Crescent Kick
- Dragon's Rage
- Sundering Dragon Claw
- Fists of Transcendence
- Legendary Fists
- Flying Kick
- Kick of the Heavens
- Thousand Fists
- Three Finger Strike
- Thundering Fists
- Deadly Adder Hand
- Celestial Kick of the Master
- Withering Palm
- Stinging Backfist
- Steal the Wind
- Quivering Palm
- Paladin
- Stroke of Conviction now progresses differently to provide a more steady progression of hate. The new levels are: 20, 28, 36, 44, 50
- Maul of Valus has been added to trainers starting at level 18. This is a new line of finishing attacks that follows Hammer of Valus.
- Stroke of Fervor has been added to trainers starting at level 30. This is a new line of finishing attacks that follows Stroke of Conviction.
- Holy Strike and Blade of Vol Anari now deal their additional effects to fiendish races as well. Ulvari hunters rejoice!
- Ranger
- Increased the damage of Fleetblade
- Shaman
- Claw of Winter is now a standard attack that uses weapon damage.
- Warrior
- Increased the damage of Smash
- Increased the damage and hate portion of Overwhelm

~The Vanguard Team
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