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Default Re: Asus Striker Extreme or EVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR

Originally Posted by ArrowMk84
You are a retard:

I've even circled "Asus Striker Extreme" and the 8500C5Ds in red.

As for 3DMark06, take a good look at the Hall of Fame.

Yes, number 2 is an EVGA board, but 3 and 4 are Strikers. Now, look at the configurations. The EVGA FSB is at 299 MHz, while the Striker FSBs are at 370 MHz and 335 MHz. And now look at the CPU speeds. We're looking at CPU, RAM and GPU limitations, NOT motherboard limitations.

Edit: After looking at EVGA vs the first Striker, the scores are different by 30 points, which is completely insignificant in 3DMark scores, especially when both are approaching 24000 anyway. Not to mention that the GPU clock speeds are completely incorrect - the 8800's clocks sure as hell aren't 108/499. /Edit

Now go away, or I shall taunt you for a second time. n00b.
That is not a performance report

this is a corsair performance report !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

find 1 for the c5d on a asus striker mobo and get a grip, everyone knows the asus striker cant handle 4gig corsair c5d overclocked so stop acting so ****eh behind your monitor.

Asus mobo just isnt worth the extra 60 and the sooner you realise that Asus fanboy the better......

Rofl look at your mobo surprise surprise a asus striker i bet 80 quid that if i had slated evga and you had 1 of them you would have stuck up for that 1 instead.....
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