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Talking Nvidia Geforce FX Go5700... IT WORKS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been using Kubuntu for a couple of years on my Alienware Area-51M now and have never been able to get my Nvidia GeForce FX Go5700 working. i've always attempted off and on to get it going and always failed.

Recently i began trying again because i want to install Beryl on my computer. i've been trying again for this whole week to get the drivers to work.

i googled for 'Go5700 Kubuntu 6.10' today and came accross this post. i decided i'd give it a try because you guys did something i haven't ever tried before. Well, now MY VIDEO CARD WORKS!!! Thank you for making this post and thank you to the people that helped!

i hope others with the same problem find this post. i'm off to install Beryl now and i'm sure it will work no problem.. finally!!!
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