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Default Why does ubuntu keep on crashing on me???

Hey all,

I recently decided to give Linux a go to see what all the fuss is about! I heard Ubuntu was the easiest for beginners with a history of XP use.

Well anyway, it hasnt been going too well. I downloaded the 6.10 Live CD and burnt it to a disc. I would load it and it would just hang when getting to the desktop. I tried a few suggestions from the ubuntu forums but nothing worked an I just decided it mst be a corrupt disc. I downloaded again, burnt another and same again. Exactly the same place...

Then I downloaded the alternative 6.10 release with the text based installer. This booted to the installer and I went through it as was explained on the forum sticky or help or something. Everything seemed to go well and I eventually booted up in to what seemed a perfectly good desktop. My network card had been detected automatically so the internet was all good to go through Firefox. I got an update message in the top right corner saying I needed to install 133 updates from the internet... This is where it started to go wrong.

I clicked refresh list and then install. It started downlading the files at a very impressive speed for my connection (I have a 6Mb connection but rarely see speeds over 300KB, I was downloading these updates at about 650KB). It downloaded about 50 files and then stopped, saying that there was an error and something caused the updater to close. Hmmm... a little annoying but when I clicked on update again it started off where it had finished so no big deal.

Anyway, it downloaded about another 3 files and then crashed again. Tried again, this time about 10 files and the crashed the updater... this went on and on until all the files were eventually downloaded. When it started to install these files surprise surprise some were corrupted and wouldn't work.

Since then I tried to just get on and test out the OS without worrying about the updates, but I'm just getting crashes left-right-and-centre. The CD player crashes frequently without me actually ever having opened it i.e. I get a message saying CD player has closed unexpectedly - I have never even touched it. Firefox never lasts more than a few pages before closing. The Volume Control program crashes, again without having actually changed any of the settings.

Throughout all these crashes, the actual OS hasn't crashed on me i.e. I havent had any random BSOD-equivalents or resetting. Its just the individual components of the OS that are failing.

I know there are thousands of ubuntu users out there with few problems, so I know the problem must be my end, but since this is my first forray in to Linux, I have no idea what to do about it. I was an Amiga user many years ago, and been a Windows user since 95. This is just completely different.

My rig is as sig but I have had all OCs turned off right from the start. I never install an OS with OCs and haven't put them back since completing the install.

Just for completeness' sake, I also have Windows XP MCE on this rig on another partition. GRUB seems to be handling the dual-booting fine. I'm using 1GB for swap.
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