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Question nVidia GO 6150 -> Mandriva 2007 + X

System info:
Mandriva 2007 32 Bits
Kernel version: 2.6.17-5mdv
nVidia driver: 1.0-9755

With the default nvidia driver (the Mandriva install default driver) i have workin only the X + XGL (compiz) but the text mode is not working, i cant read nothing there the screen has a lot of lines.

Then i just updated the nVidia driver... downloaded from
The installation was completed without errors...
I can use the nvidia module as well in my xorg.conf...

Now i have the X and the Text Mode working without problem... but when I turn on my XGL i got black cube and whites windows... =(

The xgl can not render the texture i think...

So what should I do?

Is it a XGL problem?

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