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Default Re: About bug #284530

Originally Posted by netllama
I regret that out bugs are not publicly accessible. This bug remains assigned to development. However, the latest comment in the bug is:
Possible app workaround: instead of using the pixel path to do TexSubImage, use the pixel path to do DrawPixels.
Its too bad that we can't see them or at least have a more detailed change log when a new release comes out. I wasted a 1/2 hour or so to download and install the latest 9755 driver to see if it fixed my slowness with KDE and finally found out that it hadn't.

Also the comment that the applications should work around this problem is not very satisfying. I "upgraded" from a 7900GTX to an 8800GTX only to find the 8800GTX seemingly *much* slower in Linux. The original bug report showed a drastic degeneration in speed in a release and something like that should be fixed and not just passed off as something applications have to work around.

There is something really wrong here. Switching to a new desktop in KDE should not take a second or two of drawing where you can watch it fill in a chunk at a time. It also shouldn't take 90% CPU utilization to just switch between desktops. I'm not sure if this problem is even related to the bandwidth problem. It seems like more of a problem with the 8800 line of cards since I had no problems with my 7900. It looks to me like something that KDE is doing commonly to draw the screen is very slow on the 8800 compared to the 7900.

Do you know if there is a bug reported for this problem? Any news on its status?
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