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Default Yes! nVIDIA driver installed on Mandrake 9.0 box

My respect to "bwkaz"!

I was able to install the "binutils" packages following his instruction. Then the nVIDIA installer did a fine job. Now, 3D graphics are running great.

On "static" applications though, I notice some rapidly repeating frames, while dragging or resizing a window over the desktop. This bizar effect happens to vertical lines only. The lines vanish a couple of millisecond after they appear, making a repeating effect.

This does not really impact, nor crash any applications, as far as I know. It just looks weird.

Maybe there is some connection to the fact that I had to select another type of monitor, since the DELL 1504FP was not in the Mandrake's list. I had no choice, but to select the DELL 1503FP.
Just guessing...
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