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Default Re: Why does ubuntu keep on crashing on me???

I was actually thinking of posting on this tonight also. With both edgy and dapper, either during install or shortly after install I get screen corruption (this is pre-nv install) and a hard lock. After that it's gone, I have to hard reboot.

Things I've tried.

Redownloaded and burned, tried different media and optical drives also. + I always burn isos at the slowest speed.

Tried safe graphics mode.

Forcing 16 bit desktop as one tip I found said the 24 bit occasionally caused trouble.

no acpi during boot

The one install I did successfully recently showed no issues in /var/log/, shortly after it went again.

Here's what's killing me, Kanotix and dream linux work exactly as advertised, but atm I'm ded set on edgy or dapper.

Any ideas would be fantastic!

Edit: This is using the rig in my sig.
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