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Default Re: Frequesnt screen flickers and occasional os crash

I am experiencing similar flickers on an Asus F3Jc (Core 2 Duo / GForceGo 7300), but with some important differences. I'm trying to get a good picture on an external Samsung SyncMaster 204B.

My experiences (yes, I have spent a _lot_ of time trying to work this out):
1. I have no problems with the built-in DFP. Possibly because of the low resolution (1280x800).
2. I have no problems with VGA output in high resolutions (1600x1200), nor with DVI in 1280x1024 or less.
3. I _only_ experience the flickering when using 1600x1200 over DVI.
3 1/2. The flickering is also present in Windows (Vista), but even worse. Also only in 1600x1200.
4. Another computer (with a GeForce 6200) has no problems at all with the same monitor (and same DVI cable) in 1600x1200.
5. I don't get any XID logs in dmesg, nor have I had any real crashes.
6. The PerfLevelSrc trick doesn't do anything for me (grrrr!)
7. The flickering usually starts when there's some activity, for example starting mozilla on the external screen, then it gets worse and worse until the screen finally goes completely black.
8. _sometimes_ there are random flickering pixels in dark areas between the flickering.
9. I've tried the debian stock 2.6.18-4-686 kernel and 8776 drivers, and a custom kernel, 9755 and 9746 drivers. I have also tried many different combinations of Xorg.conf options and kernel parameters.

I'm a bit pissed off, because I bought this laptop because it had DVI. Now I have to use blurry VGA until this can be solved.
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