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Default Re: MCP55 Ethernet Controller on FreeBSD

Hi there,

I have asus p5n32 sli premium. I found this driver.

These steps work for me:
# Comment out the line "device nve" in your kernel config file.
# If you want to support device polling, add "options DEVICE_POLLING" into the config file.
# Apply the PHY patch if necessary (see the above), e.g. "patch < e1000phy.20061219.fbsd62.patch" in /usr/src/sys/dev/mii/.
# Type "make buildkernel; make installkernel" in /usr/src/.
# Type "reboot"
# Get the latest nfe driver source code from this page.
# Extract it in an appropriate directory.
# If you want to enable the device polling feature, uncomment the line "#define DEVICE_POLLING" in if_nfe.c.
# Type "make" in the extracted directory, you will find if_nfe.ko.
# Type "cp if_nfe.ko /boot/modules".
# Type "kldload if_nfe" or
# Add "if_nfe_load=\"yes\"" into /boot/loader.conf and then reboot.
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