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Default GLX_TEXTURE_2D_BIT problem


I'm new to this theme, so please fix me if this is not related to the NVIDIA driver.
I think the glXCreatePixmap function is not fully conforming to the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap extension specification. To be exact, I'll be referring to the following quote from
The default value of GLX_TEXTURE_TARGET_EXT
depends on the capabilities in <config> and the dimensions of the pixmap.
If <config> has GLX_TEXTURE_2D_BIT set and one or more of the following is

* GLX_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_BIT_EXT is not set in <config>

* GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two is supported

* the pixmap's width and height are powers of 2

the default value for GLX_TEXTURE_TARGET_EXT is GLX_TEXTURE_2D_EXT.

Otherwise, the first supported target is chosen in this order:
None of the FBConfigs returned by glXGetFBConfigs on my computer has the GLX_TEXTURE_2D_BIT_EXT bit set in GLX_BIND_TO_TEXTURE_TARGETS_EXT, so power-of-two-dimensioned pixmaps should behave exactly like any others. However, they cause the BadMatch error if GLX_TEXTURE_FORMAT_EXT is set to GLX_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGB_EXT or GLX_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGBA_EXT. The error is not raised when GLX_TEXTURE_TARGET_EXT is explicitly set to GLX_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_EXT in the attribute list.

Or am I doing or understanding anything wrong?
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