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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by UDawg
I don't read them because I just want to play. IMO, geeks read that crap.

BTW, after level 20 it is all grinding because the dip****s that play this game want it to be all grinding like EQ. Well I will be playing up to lvl 20 then my happy arss will be going back to WoW.
I hate to break it to you but WOW is just a grind fest too. Yes, it's quest based grinding but the quest just have you killing mobs. How is this any different? To be honest I played Vanguard up until my 30 days and I loved it, what turned me off is the old style death penalty crap, I mean why should I have to corpse run and suffer XP loss just because I died. Stuff happens, no one can stay alive and never die in an MMO and to punish people for it is stupid.

Back to my point, there isn't an MMO out there that I've found that isn't a grind fest. I've played almost all the popular ones and even some of the less popular ones and there all the same. WOW isn't any better, WOW: BC is just more of the same boring crap that WOW eventually leads up too. Go kill this mob for this item and get XP. No different then going out and just grinding the monsters, the quests in WOW serve no purpose, hell no one even reads the quest text except for the information about were to go and what to kill.

I don't care that you don't like Vanguard, in the end I ended up hating it my self, of course for different reasons. How ever I get tired of the mentality that WOW is so great. It's Diablo 2 with a subscription fee, you grind and grind to get the next best item so you can go and kill more ****! WOW's graphics are dated and old, they've not added anything in the way of new mid-level content and they barely have added anything besides the BC contents. You have limited classes to choose from and talents are worthless because everyone had a specific best build and guilds won't take you unless you're usefull in raids.

Right now the one I'm most excited about is AOC: Hyborian Adventures, that game looks to have some great ideas. Interesting classes, an interesting world and best of all it actually looks like it has some story other than kill these boars because they look funny. Again, don't really care about wether you should or shouldn't like Vanguard, this really was just a rant because I'm tired of the mindless WOW zombies. The game isn't that great, it's fun because of the same reason Diablo was fun but don't act like WOW is any less of a grind fest.
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