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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by UDawg
Who the HELL are you? Whe cares if I bash the game. It is none of your friking business. Why you feel you have to defend a FRIKING GAMES is insane. If I want to play the game for a month or a week it has NO BEARING ON YOU! Get over it and you self.

Yes you are right it is your opinion and I didn't ask for it. If I want to bash the game over and over till the end of time who the hell cares? IT IS A GAME. If you like it then play it that is fine by me. I find the game fun but it has many aspect I don't like about the game. That is why I am going to get some enjoyment out of the game but not invest a large amount of time.

Now you listen up. I talk about the thing in the game I don't like. You how ever talk about my opinions on the game and make value judgments on that. WTF I THAT! You are not talking about the game. You are talking about me.

BTW my biggest criticizm about the game was performance AND YOU AGREED WITH ME. Get off you frikin high horse and don't worry about what I like, don't like, play and don't play. My main game is WoW. I like playing it. Vanguard was a game that was fun but not enough to pull me away from WoW. When I quit the game I will give my account to a buddy who would like the game. Until then go **** your self. I'm tired of little piss-ant fan bois like your self who get their panties in a wad because someone does not like what they like. I debate all day long in the Politics Forum. THis here isn't a debate. It is what I like and don't like. Now give it a friking rest. You are bugging the **** out of me.

I think what his problem is, Udawg, is that you are coming to a thread where people are talking about specific things to do with a game, yet you find the need to come in and bash it. It does, in fact, bother me a bit as well.

That said, While I love the game, most of your points are valid wich is why I have not responded to your posts. The problems you descirbe do not always sway people though, like myself. The game is very playable and very enjoyable for me. Anyway, the reason I decided to respond now is it seems like this is getting personal, and both of you need to settle down a bit and hug...LOL

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