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Default Re: Way to list a Geforce card's supported resolutions?

The standard VGA output ('D-SUB') supports about any resolution as its bandwidth of 300-400MHz for most cards is very high. The digial output (DVI) has a relatively low bandwidth of 135-160MHz for most 'old' cards (geforce2 - geforce6). Cards containing a dual link DVI output (in general geforce7 or higher cards) have a higher bandwidth of about 300MHz which is sufficient for most resolutions.

I think that a mode for 1920x1080p needs about 155MHz while the DVI output of your card provides I think 135MHz (at the time the devices were made for 1280x1024). Finding a better card is tricky as it depends a bit on the vendor and the gpu how high the maximum pixelclock for DVI is.
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