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Default Re: Configuration question (Twinview+TV)

Well, I have 1.0.9755 installed. I think, that is the recent driver from Nvidia.
When I use the first xorg.conf (see my post above), then I can't switch the TV on with nvidia-settings. The program shows me all 3 screens, but the tv is disabled (TV-0 disabled). I can't activate it with nvidia-setting. When I try that, I get a message "Failed to associate display device TV-0 with X screen 0".

DynamicTwinview is enabled. So far I know, it's enabled by default in 9755, but I made the entry "Option "DynamicTwinview" "true" in the config file. But that changed nothing.

I think the problem can be solved by using meta-modes. But I don't know how to configure that in the xorg.conf file so that it fits my needs.
I need this two (switchable) configurations:

1: CRT-0 1280x1024, CRT-1 1024x768
2: CRT-0 1280x1024, CRT-1 800x600 and (clone) TV-0 800x600

Please help!
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