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Default Re: odd bug when inserting nvidia module

Well, I disabled the sound card/driver and will now wait if the error occurs again.
But, to be honest, I don't think the problem is memory or sound related. It's imho a pure coincidence that the sound driver is loaded before the nvidia driver.

Of course the nvidia module is not in that list of linked-in modules - if an error happens while inserting it, it simply will not be inserted, so how could it be in that list?

First the sound modules are inserted - I see an "ok" appearing (ok, that's not visible in the shot because it is on the right side of the screen), then udev tries to load the nvidia module and fails. Trying to insert nvidia is the last thing the kernel does before the error and there is no "ok" message telling the module were successfully inserted.

I also did run several memtests for more than one day, there never was a single error.
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